How to Get Leaner In A Shorter Amount of Time

July 11th, 2013

Canadian fitness guru and personal trainer, Angelique Kronebusch, states that "HIT cardio" is fast, effective, and does not waste your muscle. If an individual is trying to achieve results quickly, steady-state-cardio is a waste of time. Why walk for one hour on the treadmill when you can get better results from 20 minutes of sprinting? I'd much rather work out harder in a short amount of time than do an hour of boring cardio.

I prefer kicking my clients in the butt with HIIT cardio like rowing intervals, sprint intervals, or intervals on the Jacob's Ladder. For a more old-school approach, I take clients outside and have them run up stairs or bleachers. I lean toward this type of cardio because the results always speak for themselves: Clients get leaner in a shorter amount of time.